Your Success is Our Goal. Founded in 2003 as an online local business marketing firm, Chress has continued to offer its clients superior consulting and software purchasing services. The goal of Chress is to provide web marketing related consulting, implementation, software and media buying services to your firm thereby increasing sales, lowering costs, boosting profits and strengthening brand equity. We pride ourselves as being the bridge makers for local businesses seeking to create a real identity in their local markets on the web.

Proven Approach:
To achieve this goal, we utilize an approach that is different from most other consulting firms. We employ only experienced consultants with proven track records in their fields of expertise. Since each of our account executives manages only a select number of accounts, you can be sure that you will get the type of service that has set the bar within the industry for the past 6 years.

Focus on What is Important to You: Since many of our affiliated consultants also teach at prestigious universities or write for industry recognized publications you can be assured that we have the means of getting your product or service the recognition that is rightly deserves both on a local and national scale.