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10 ways to use online maps to generate business leads and sales
01-02-2007 | Chress Marketing

Guest Columnist Special Feature @  Carolina Newswire:
I used to consider myself technically advanced. Heck, I even spent the first 5 years after graduating from college as a programmer analyst. When a pc was broken or someone in my network needed advice on buying keywords, I was the first on the speed dial. And then came the day, the day that all of us self proclaimed techies fear. The day when our methods are rendered prehistoric by some young upstart whose knowledge has grown faster than Moore’s law or Google’s share of the search market.  For me that day came when my three year old daughter demonstrated to me how to successfully advance to the third level of her Sponge Bob video game in one try; a task that I failed to complete given three chances. Because I refuse to take her attack on pride laying down I hope to bring a tidbit of information that will both be of benefit to business owners and at the same time reestablish my “royal technology superiority”. I hope to have at least 2 years left before my job is outsourced for 10 cents on the dollar.

Have you ever heard of the phrase Web 2.0?
Great, now can you define it? Well there are not many that can, but most of us are using this new technology everyday and so are your potential customers and clients. Allow me to give you a working definition. Web 2.0 refers to the second generation of the internet that focuses on users owning and creating its content, with a common goal of creating efficient simplicity, blah blah blah. A quick example is to think back to using Mapquest in 2002 to get driving directions to the local theatre. Now consider how Stone Age that seems to your first experience using Google Maps. With the old Mapquest, better yet Microsoft Streets, I could feel the Mesozoic page loading directions that were six months obsolete. Full Article at Carolina Newswire.